Will i be based at a DGH for training?

Yes, but you may need to travel to other hospitals in the Eastern Deanery for certain attachments and/or training opportunities. For example the paediatric modular training is largely provided at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, and the monthly protected Part 2 teaching rotates around the various DGH’s in the region. The Physics teaching in the first year also currently takes place in Cambridge and/or Norfolk & Norwich.

Do I get a choice of base hospital?

Yes. When you have accepted a place on the EBH Training Scheme, you will be asked to rank the DGH’s which have vacant posts in order of preference. The posts are then allocated according to your ranking at the National Recruitment interviews. The highest ranked of the newly appointed trainees gets their first choice of DGH etc.

Does every DGH have a post each year?

No. The number and site of the vacant posts varies from year to year. Some years only 2 or 3 of our 9 Trusts will have vacancies, some years it will be the majority of Trusts. We should be able to give a clearer idea of which Trusts will have vacancies in January or February of each year.

What are oncall arrangements?

There are no nights. The oncall intensity varies depending on which DGH you are based in. But usually you will start on-call in your first year. However, this will always be under close supervision of a consultant. Initially all your reports will be checked by a consultant, and then as you gain in experience you will start to report some studies unsupervised.

Is there protected teaching time?

Yes. There is protected teaching time for Physics and Anatomy in the first six months, and then for Part 2 teaching from then onwards. There is a 2 year rolling programme of Part 2 teaching which takes place on one afternoon per month and rotates around the various DGH’s